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Welcome to the Center for American Political Responsiveness

Welcome to the Center for American Political Responsiveness, housed with the McCourtney Democracy Institute. We were founded in 2011 as an interdisciplinary academic center that expands scholarly and public understanding of political responsiveness.

Broadly, responsiveness is is how public preferences are translated via both formal and informal political institutions into public policy. Political responsiveness  is at the heart of the democratic system, and yet it is a complex and contested notion. Public displeasure with the state of American politics is often centered on the government's inability to respond to public demands and solve problems. Our center investigates these issues of political behavior and political institutions at all levels of American government. Through research and dialogue with academics, students and the public, CAPR hopes to promote evidence-based understanding and engagement of political responsiveness within our democratic stystem.

Interview with Dr. Michael Mann, see more from CAPR at Penn State on Vimeo.

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